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Update to Assumption Life Travel Insurance coverage relating to COVID-19

10/30/2020 12:00:00 AM

Moncton (NB), October 30, 2020 — Assumption Life is pleased to announce a bonus feature in coverage for its COVID-19 group travel insurance products. Subject to meeting certain specific criteria listed below, our standard travel insurance will now cover travel outside Canada for countries whose only government notice in effect is related to COVID-19, if the expected date of return to the country is before March 31, 2021.This means that if you have a planned trip to a country for which the Canadian government has issued a COVID-19 pandemic alert, your travel insurance coverage is maintained.

This addition to emergency hospital and medical expenses relating to COVID-19 is subject to existing maximums and all terms, conditions and limitations of the policy. Additionally, the members eligible to the travel insurance plan must comply with the following at the time of departure:
  • Have been symptom-free for at least 48 hours with COVID-19;
  • Not have tested positive for COVID-19 or be in a period of self-isolation according to the rules issued by the government;
  • Are not awaiting results from a screening test;
  • Have not been in contact with a person that has received a positive COVID-19 diagnostic within 14 days of departure.
The federal government is still asking citizens to avoid any non-essential travel outside the country and these travel advisory from our government remain an important reference relating to travel safety. However, Assumption Life recognizes that some countries are loosening travel restrictions relating to the pandemic and that Canadians will start to travel again and will require this protection. In the event of a trip, we always recommend to regularly check government’s advisories on the site travel.gc.ca.

For any questions or additional information, please check our most recent updates on our website assumption.ca or contact your advisor today.