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Mélanie Belliveau’s drawings will delight visitors to the Assumption Gallery

10/31/2018 12:00:00 AM

 Mélanie Belliveau’s drawings will delight visitors to the Assumption Gallery Mélanie Belliveau’s drawings are so intensely realistic that they could easily be mistaken for high quality black and white photographs. However, a second glance reveals the truth: they are graphite pencil drawings which come to life thanks to this artist’s artful mix of realistic and photorealistic styles, which characterizes the works she exhibits under the name Melbelivo Art. A dozen of this Cocagne artist’s drawings will be on display at the Assumption Gallery in November and December 2018.
“I chose works that represent me the best and which have a lot of detail. I can photograph a drawing or put it through a scanner, but it’s impossible to see all the details in my works on a screen. When they’re viewed in person, it brings out emotions. I put a lot of my heart and energy into it”, she says while clarifying that her exhibition will include drawings of celebrities such as musicians, as well as representations of objects.
Each drawing requires many long hours of detailed work to apply various layers of pencilling, which create this stunning impression of realism. "I tried out several styles, but I always come back to this one,” she says. “Realism is my favourite style, but it’s a big challenge and I love it!”
Since her childhood, Mélanie Belliveau has always carried a pencil, but she initially set aside her artistic vocation to pursue her studies, then devoted herself to her sales and marketing career for over a decade. She felt called to draw again when she entered her third decade and it’s now her full-time occupation. She set up her studio in Cocagne, where she also offers art courses to children and adults.
The Assumption Gallery exhibits works of contemporary, modern and folk art, in historical or folk styles, including paintings, sculptures and photographs by professional Canadian artists. Six exhibits, each lasting two months, are shown there each year. It is located at 770 Main Street in Moncton, on the ground floor of the Assumption Place building.