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Assumption Life is committed to making a positive difference

12/21/2020 12:00:00 AM

The commitment to make a positive difference for our colleagues, our clients and our communities is at the heart of all Assumption Life's interventions. Since our very founding in 1903, this commitment has been deeply rooted in the DNA of the company, which is recognized as a leader in social commitment.
"At Assumption Life, we have our community at heart and we believe in the power of uniting to contribute to a better world. Our values of collaboration and commitment are a great source of pride for us," said Sébastien Dupuis, president and CEO of Assumption Life.
The company was founded 117 years ago to offer protection to its clients and, since then, it has always been there when people need help. Dedicated employees are still at the root of this commitment and their human warmth is evident around them every time they ask "how may I help you? "with a sincere desire to help our customers.
Our valued partners also benefit from this commitment, as the entire Assumption Life team strives to constantly offer them winning and positive solutions to generate sustained growth. This has been particularly illustrated in recent months with the pandemic, where Assumption Life's technological innovations have made it possible to offer all our services to our partners and even extend them to facilitate their work.
Finally, our substantial contributions to numerous causes and non-profit organizations demonstrate Assumption Life's social commitment. Last year, we donated close to $450,000 to our communities through donations to 111 organizations and causes. For example, Assumption Life is a presenting partner of the CHU Dumont Foundation's Tour of Hope for the fight against cancer for a third consecutive year, and we organize a golf tournament to raise funds for the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute.
We also support arts and cultural or educational organizations such as SISTEMA and the Université de Moncton to which we donated $500,000 for its Evolution campaign. We should also mention that Assumption Life was one of the first New Brunswick companies to take a stand against systemic racism, and we are committed to listening, learning and taking action.
In addition, the Assumption Life Foundation awarded 21 scholarships to exceptional individuals to help train the leaders of tomorrow.
All these examples show the many facets of our commitment and we are convinced that it is by working together that we can truly make a difference.
Assumption Life's corporate values are : leadership, collaboration, trust and commitment.